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Novelty Cakes

Novelty Cakes


Novelty cakes are cakes that are not shaped in the traditional sense (round or square). They can be any size, but usually have some type of shape or unique design element, 3-D effect, gravity effect, etc. While we cannot provide an accurate price until your cake design is finalized, as a guide, our novelty cakes start at $4.50/pp. If you are feeding 50 guests, your BASE price will start at $225. Final cost will be determined by other factors, including the complexity of your cake design.

  • Cake Structure

    Disclaimer: Please note that the design of your cake my require tiers which may be supported with wooden or plastic dowel rods or other hidden support mechanism (such as with a gravity cake) meant soley to provide a structurally sound foundation for your cake. Support devices are not edible and should be discarded.

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