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From once upon a time to your happily ever after!


  • Custom Wedding Cakes

  • Grooms Cakes

  • Bridal Parties

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    Specialty Cupcakes

Flexible payment plans,
keeping your budget, taste, and personal style in mind!


A Work of Art in the Making...

Your cake will be the centerpiece for your special event. It should be a reflection of your personal taste and style. We offer a personal consultation and private cake tasting to cover all of the important details of your cake, well in advance of your big day.


Phone consultations are free of charge and gives us a general idea of your vision. While we do not require an in-person consultation, it is highly recommended. We will schedule your initial meeting for a one-hour window to discuss your theme, color, taste, design, and get a feel for your personal style and budget. We suggest that you bring some design inspiration with you. This may be a wedding invitation, special photos, color/pattern swatches, or anything else that inspires the vision for your cake. It's our goal to turn your vision into an edible work of enchanted art.



Your cake should taste just as amazing as it looks and we want you and your guests to enjoy every part of it. The flavor palette is an important consideration for your cake. Such things as the availability of seasonal ingredients or the time of year that your event is scheduled may impact your choices.


During your in-person consultation, you'll have the option of choosing three 4" cake samples (flavors are pre-selected by you) to assist in your decision-making process. The cost for your three cake samples is $25, payable when your consultation reservation is made.


*Late or missed appointments are non-refundable, but may be rescheduled. Please contact us and we will do our very best to work with you. 


We typically require advance notice of 2 - 3 months prior to your wedding date. Deposit amount will depend on the final cost of your cake (typically 50%) and will be required to hold your date. We may have last minute openings so it never hurts to ask about our availability. Balance is due one week prior to your event unless prior arrangements have been made. Payment plans are available. 

Please let us know if you are working with a wedding or event planner. Special pricing may be available. If you are a planner, please contact us for details.


FLAVORS - Our most popular cake flavors and combinations can be found under the flavor menu.

Some common questions are answered in the FAQ section. If we can help to answer any other questions not addressed, please give us a call or send us an email.

Garden Wedding Table


Our wedding cakes are available in a wide variety of flavor combinations and are always baked fresh to order using only high quality ingredients for a taste as good as it looks!


Each cake that we create is a one of a kind work of art, unique to each customers specific needs. As such, it is nearly impossible to provide an actual price quote prior to consultation and the finalization of your approved design. As a guide, our base price for a modest sized traditional wedding cake is $6/pp (per person).

* *Please keep in mind that many variables are taken into account when designing and pricing your cake. These include colors such as metallics, special effects, exotic flavors, etc. We will never charge for design elements that have not been pre-approved by you first.

Having a bridal shower or wedding party dinner? Need a groom's cake? How about an enchanting array of delectable treats for your dessert table? We've got you covered...AND offer special pricing on wedding bundles. See our product menu for more details or call to inquire.

How much cake do I really need?

This can be a bit confusing, but the short answer is that it all depends on you. Ultimately, you determine how much cake to serve your guests. However, for the purpose of pricing, bakers and caterers often refer to a cake cutting guide. This guide also serves as a basis for establishing serving sizes and in turn, technically answers the question for how much cake you need in order to accommodate all of your guests. The industry standard WE use is based on the 2" x 2" serving size. This is relatively smaller in comparison to a slice we would probably cut from a regular cake, but following this golden rule ensures that all of your guests are able to partake in at least one serving. Note that larger slices per person equates to a larger and more expensive cake. Your catering team should be experienced with using this guide to ensure that all of your guests are served. 
*Note the difference between the 1" x 2" and the 2" x 2" serving sizes.


Inspiration for your cake design can be found almost anywhere. A flower, a pattern, a movie, or even a special memory. Dare to explore the depth's of your imagination and leave the enchantment to us!

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