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Baker and cake designer, Terilyn aka T.C. is a self-taught cake artist with a passion for baking and cake decorating that began in early childhood in her native home town of Mays Landing, New Jersey. 

One of her favorite pastimes was to watch her parents work; studying their hard work ethic, she always learned something new. From watching her mother bake the family-famed holiday fruitcakes and cookies each year, to the fond fascination she had with her father's meticulously detailed auto paint jobs and canvas paintings that he enjoyed as a hobby. The combination of talents and artistry from the family tree would later manifest itself as a love and passion for cake design.

It wasn't until the mid 90's when she struck out and did something she'd never done before but wanted to give it a try...a stacked cake (wedding style) for her daughter's 6th birthday. The pink and lavender vanilla boxed cake with ruffled swags, polka dots, and dancing ballerina topper was a huge success...even without the support of dowel rods! That was a moment of truth and such began her humble cake beginnings. 


Through the years, T.C. has been inspired by various cake artists and has dedicated much time to honing in on her own bright and playful aesthetic, technical skills, and perfecting those home-spun recipes handed down from generations past.    

In 2010, her family convinced her to take her talents from home hobbyist to formal business venturer and just months later, Jolani's was officially opened for business. T.C. has a fun and colorful style with a twist of refined elegance. "I love the creative freedom of baking and cake customers tell me a story and a vision of their cake begins to unfold in my mind. Bringing that vision to life and seeing their reactions when the cake is revealed is a great feeling." 

In 2018, she participated in her first professional cake decorating competition and plans to continue the journey and living the sweet life!


All team members are ServSafe Certified food handlers or managers. Jolani's Custom Cakes and subsidiaries are licensed to operate. Photos are copyright protected.



Here is our take on the classic Italian dessert, spumoni. Layers of moist cherry, pistachio, and dark chocolate cakes in a checkerboard pattern, covered with smooth creamy Italian buttercream and finished off with a dark chocolate drip, chocolate shavings, and cherries on top!

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