Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake



From $5.00/pp


Our wedding cakes are availalbe in a wide variety of flavor combinations and baked fresh to order, using only high quality ingredients for a taste that's as good as it looks!


While each cake is unique to each customers specific needs, it is nearly impossible to provide an actual price quote prior to consultation and finalization of your approved design. As a guide, our wedding cake prices start at $5/pp. If you are feeding 50 guests, that's a BASE price of $250 for a modest size cake and basic traditional design. *Please keep in mind that many variables are taken into account when designing your cake. These variables will determine the final cost of your cake.


**Please call for consultation


    See flavor menu for a full list of flavors, fillings, and frostings.


    ***We highly recommend scheduling a consultation with us well in advance of your proposed wedding date. Please see details under "SERVICES" for more information.


    Unfortunately, we are unable to ship wedding cakes. Local deliveries only. Please see delivery/shipping FAQ's for details.


    For the purpose of pricing, most bakers (including us) will refer to a cake cutting guide. While you are free to cut your cake slices as small or as large as you would like, we base our price per person (p/p) on the 2" x 2" size, which keeps in line with industry standard. Keep in mind that a larger slice per person equates to a larger and more expensive cake....The 2" x 2" guide is a relatively smaller piece of cake in comparison to what we would probably be used to in everyday life, but following this golden rule will ensure that all of your guests are able to partake.